Me & my coworker 🙂 @ Blocky Codes Command Center - Jakarta Indonesia

Hello, my name is Aris. I’m from Jakarta Indonesia. 

I’ve seen my kids study from home and realize that kids have more potential than normal studying. so I’ve been thinking of other educational activities for my kids.

Something that is useful in building their skills. Came across a building block for engineering but the price is out of the galaxy. 

I’m just a regular dad, with no formal education in engineering, I just love to teach my kids new things. So I do a small research and found out about the Arduino development board and Immediately fall in love.

When doing projects, The only problem we had is too hard to finish the project and warp it into some kind of finished product.

Because of the pandemic, business is off’s and I have nothing to do, so I want to commit myself to this. Because that time is when I realize that I should make something modular.

So here are some pictures of the first concept of Blocky Codes about a year ago.

And later on, for months I try to tweak it into some more solid-based. (I was thinking maybe I can sell it)

So here the Version 1 of Blocky codes, made out laser print, that I print using online services for laser cut.

It was called Blocky Book because it is actually an Arduino Book that you can make as a based board for any kind of project.

It was actually quite neat, but I want something more!! something more flexible, free from hot glue, and re-usable!


Just like Arduino, I know about 3d printing, but I never had it and never use it either, so it never crosses my mind until the banner ad crossing on some news site.

So with my few last resources money I invest in the cheapest 3d printer, I can find and bought.

Since then, Ideas keep on pourings into my head. just like going to explode.

I study it day and night and start to prints a bunch of things when I realize that is hard to create small things that are interlocking using 3d print.

There are so many days, that I said to myself… that this is it! I gave up!!!  I really want to quit!, but I don’t know why every time I woke up! I feel so pumped.. and keep on coming back to try and try again!

I try every interlocking 3d printed mechanism, and most of them are too big. (you don’t want big things when dealing with 3 printed, especially when printing one pin took 2 hours).

so I keep on trying until I can have the dimension I want! and so here it is we are.

Don’t know if it’s going to be useful for somebody or it’s just maybe my expensive hobby? But will never stop trying, it’s really an eruption of happy feeling when you found bugs and got it fixed, you will jump in the middle of the night. 

Thank you.